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Standard Colors

black brown burgundy camel celadon forest gold ivory lilac navy blue orange pink purple red royal blue white

Premium Colors

black beige burgundy camel brown charcoal hunter ivory lilac navy blue pink red royal blue stone taupe white

Need Help Getting Started? Let our helpful "How-2 Guide" walk you through the process.


How-to Guide to Setting Up Table Skirts

Handy How-To Guide

This handy-dandy guide will walk you through the process of choosing and setting-up your new table skirts. In it, you will find information about skirt-to-table sizing, choosing the necessary clips for your table, the set-up process, and storage.

CLICK: for comparing Shirred Pleat to Box Pleat

Shirred vs. Box Pleat

If you're having a tough time choosing between Shirred Pleat or Box Pleat, then this resource may help you decide which look is most appropriate for your venue or event. You can't go wrong when you choose to go that extra mile and outfit your table with a skirt, but, the style of pleat you choose may enhance the overall theme or message of your event.

CLICK: to compare the qualities among SimplyPoly, Standard, and Premium table skirting fabrics.

Fabric Comparison

Did you know that we offer 3 different fabric qualities of table skirting? This chart will show you the benefits and differences you get between each fabric type.

Check Out the Best Options in Terms of Table Skirting
Table skirting enables you to turn a dining table into the "Wow" factor of the entire room. Available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes, table skirts are the ideal table linen utilized to dress up a table for special events, such as weddings, birthday celebrations and tradeshows.

Choosing the Best Table Skirts for Your Special Event
If you’re looking for the highest quality standards at the lowest prices, choose to check out the impressive collection of table skirts that we bring to your fingertips. Available in standard heights (28.5 to 29 inches) and an alluring and diverse color palette, our products are the cream-of-the-crop in the line of first-class table linens. All table skirts come with adhesive Velcro bands enabling you to hang them in multiple ways. We also provide custom table skirts allowing you to dress up your unique table to your ultimate satisfaction.

What Are My Options?
These days, a person can be inundated by the number of table skirts on the market - so how do you choose the one that best matches your taste, interior décor, budget and style? When you analyze and rate all alternatives based on their texture, size, quality and price tag, you'll find that table skirts from TableLinensForLess are top within the industry, bar none. Secondly, you should know that some of the most popular table skirts can be separated into two distinctive categories, based on their pleat style: shirred pleat and box pleat - we offer both, and in a variety of colors. The shirred pleat option is commonly used at conventions, gatherings, restaurants and other standard events, while the box pleat is renowned for its unmatched elegance, making it the perfect choice for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, conference tables or any up-scale venue. Each pleat style is available in a plethora of colors.

Mastering the Most Effective Table Skirting Technique
To create a luxurious effect and bring your elegant table linens into the spotlight, it is recommended to master the very best table skirting technique: cover your tabletops with premium fitted table topper cloth, then use specially designed table skirt clips to attach custom skirting to your tables and keep them in place. At TableLinensforLess, you can find all the products that you need to take your table skirting ritual to a whole new level. From table skirts to table toppers, hangers to storage units and other beautiful accessories, our online store offers you the chance to beautify your tables on your own, on time and on a budget.