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Children and Youth Aprons

Children and Youth Apron

The creativity of the children and youth people is immense. They always put their fingers in almost everything because they want to have a fun time. They can spend hours and hours doing creative and exciting things like drawing and painting, planting flowers in the garden or helping to make some cookies in the kitchen. We know that doing laundry is annoying and sometimes hard because same stains come out very difficult. Hence we have a solution for this problem. We offer children and youth aprons to prevent the stains on clothes in different colors, sizes, and prices.

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Child And Youth Bib Apron With Two Pockets

To keep children's clothes clean while they are helping in the garden, the kitchen of painting and making some crafts, we offer the Child Bib Apron. This apron comes in white color and also with two pockets. It is made from high quality durable 7.5 oz fabric and 65/35 poly/cotton blend. The pockets are excellent for carrying brushes for painting or small garden and kitchen tools. We provide bib aprons with two pockets for children and youths in two different sizes: small apron (13 in. W x 19 in. L w/18 in. Ties) and large (20 in. W x 25 in. L w/26.5 in. Ties). The price is affordable.

Youth Bib Apron With No Pockets

The size of this apron fits the early elementary and pre-school students. The neck is adjustable with two piece slider, and this apron does not have pockets. We have this model of the apron in three different colors: red, blue and yellow. It is made of high quality 7.5 oz ultra-durable fabric with 65/35 poly/cotton twill protected by ProDura stain release finish.

Youth Cobbler Apron With One Pocket

This youth cobbler apron is protected by a ProDura stain release finish, and it is made by high quality 7.5 oz ultra-durable fabric with 65/35 poly/cotton twill. Early elementary students and preschool students can fit in this apron with size 22 in. L x 14 in. W. The one pocket is center divided, and the neckline has full rounded style. We have red, blue and yellow aprons from this model.

Youth Chef Apron With Two Pockets

This model is made from high quality 6.2 oz fabric and 65/35 poly/cotton blend. The neck of the apron is not adjustable, and the apron has two pockets suitable for crayons, brushes for painting and kitchen and garden tools. The size of this apron is 18 ½ "L x 17"W, and it is available in red, blue and white color. The apron is a great solution for prevent stain on the children and youth's clothes.

The bibs are essential when doing housework. The habit of wearing aprons remains in some countries no matter that in other countries they are out of use because of the cheaper clothes. The use of aprons since youngest age builds hygiene habits among children and youth, so it is better if we buy aprons while they are young. Moreover, the aprons are fun for the youth and children because they came with different colors and designs and at the same time they are protected from liquids, greases, soil or paints.

Many elementary schools around the world mandate from the students to wear aprons, especially if they are art schools or schools for cooking. This is a sign that aprons are no longer just housework wear, but also a piece of clothing that is necessary for activities. Because of the social norms, children and youth wear classy clothes more frequently. Thus it is more likely for young people to wear aprons to protect their clothes from paint and food stains since they are at school all day.