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Wearing protective gear while in the kitchen is an essential part of any chef's uniform. Not only does it prevent the clothes underneath from becoming dirty, but it also means lightening the number of loads that an entire uniform needs to be washed. A cobbler or a smock is also durable, meaning that it can handle more wear and tear over time. Here, we will take a more in-depth look into why every kitchen employee needs a cobbler apron or a smock.

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Quality Materials

Most cobbler aprons and smocks are made of quality materials. Some of them can be made of twill, which is characterized by its ribbed nature. This durable, woven fabric produces a strong cobbler or smock, meaning that rubbing against a countertop or catching it with a sharp knife will not entirely ruin the integrity of the piece. More often than not, twill can be spun together with cotton for breath ability. Cotton is also a strong material by nature, and it creates a more comfortable feel than just wearing twill alone.

Protection against Snags and Cuts

Because of twill's strength, cobblers and smocks made from this material will likely provide some level of protection against sharp objects. For example, if a knife slips under pressure, then the cobbler or smock being worn adds a strong layer of protection on our chests and stomachs. Therefore, we can expect fewer accidental cuts and nicks from poor knife skills. For this reason, chefs in training need a quality cobbler apron or smock.

Preventing Stains

We know that stains are bound to be part of any kitchen employee's daily work, regardless of what duties they have. Cobblers and smocks can minimize stains from setting into the rest of an employee's uniform, which saves us a great deal of time in treating those stains. A deep stain can ruin an entire uniform in some instances, but using a cobbler or smock over that uniform can deter some of the stains from even touching our uniforms in the first place.

Propelling Water

For those of us who have dishes duty, we certainly need a cobbler or a smock most of all. Dealing with dirty dish water is never fun, and sometimes, it ends up all over our uniforms despite even our best efforts. A quality cobbler or smock will provide a protective barrier between the water and the rest of our uniform, which can also prevent stains from occurring in the long run.

Easy to Wear and Remove

Most people might not realize that our cobblers and smocks are easy to wear. Some of them button up, like our Unisex and Women's Smocks. They can be easily changed for another one mid-shift if the original one becomes compromised due to stains or cuts. At other times, they can be zippered on. This feature is great because it means stains and knives cannot slip in between where the buttons land. For the easiest to wear cobbler or smock, we suggest the apron model by Uncommon Threads that simply goes on over the head and ties on the sides. This apron is made of some of the most durable fabrics, but it is also easy to clean

Sizes for All

Probably one of the greatest benefits of a cobbler apron or a smock is that it will fit practically any one of any size. Some people might have a difficult time finding one that fits, but we do provide many sizes for all. As a matter of fact, our apron model comes in an extra-large size to provide more room for those of us who need it most.

There are many reasons why and benefits to wearing a cobbler or a smock. We have plenty to offer, and in differing styles, so they are more than worth checking out.